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The sheriff's department said the Tennessee Highway Patrol and Homeland Security helped with the case. Giles County, TN. Steven Joe Townsend.

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Show All Answers. Call the Codes Office atExt. All inspections should be call in by P. Permits are required when any owner or authorized agent who intends to construct, enlarge, alter, repair, move, demolish or change the occupancy of a building or structure or to erect, install, enlarge, alter, repair, remove, convert or replace any electrical, gas, mechanical or plumbing system.

Shall require a permit. Examples are but not limited to fences, pools, outdoor sheds, sun rooms. Also a permit will be required for concrete slabs and driveway extensions.

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Usually you will receive your plot plan, back to the same within 2 — 3 business days, or if possible the same day. The City does not come out and measure your property lines.

If you would like a more accurate measurement of your property lines, you adult dating minor hill tennessee encouraged to contact an independent surveyor. The Non-Emergency s are: Police ; Fire ; or You must appear in court on your ased court date so the Judge can determine if you are eligible to attend driving school. Eligibility is based on your driving record. Attendance and proof of attendance provided to the Spring Hill Municipal Deputy Clerk will entitle you to dismissal of the moving violation charge from your ticket.

If you plan to come to court on the charge, bring your proof of insurance with you. However the proof must demonstrate that you were insured on the date that the Officer wrote you the Citation. Sufficient proof of insurance in force at the time you were cited for the violation should result in this charge being dismissed for compliance by the Judge.

If you do not wish to come to court on the charge, but want the Judge to look at your proof of insurance and consider dismissing the charge for compliance, you may fax your proof of insurance to the Deputy Clerk at The Deputy Clerk will show your proof to the Judge, who will then consider whether dismissal of the insurance charge for compliance is appropriate, and you will be notified of the outcome by the Deputy Clerk.

Please call the Deputy Clerk to make sure your fax has been received.

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Adult dating minor hill tennessee hours are 10 am to 7 pm, however due to the COVID the splash pad will be open from 10 am to 4 pm until further notice. Thank you. No garbage of any kind, no plastic bags or other "tanglers" such as Christmas lights, cords, ropes.

Report damage from the recent storms here Read On In. Home FAQs. Show All Answers 1. Who is my electric company? Check your electric bill, there are 3 different service providers with in the City of Spring Hill 2. What is Duck River Electric's phone and how do I get an electrical permit from them? For all questions on electrical permits call Duck River Electic Website 4. What is Middle Tennessee Electric's phone and how do I get an electrical permit from them?

How do I schedule an inspection? What is a building permit? A building permit is your formal permission to begin construction. It means that plans for any new structure, addition or renovation have been reviewed by the municipality, for compliance with the Building Code, the local zoning bylaw and any other applicable laws and regulations. How do I get a permit?

Contact the Codes Department at ext. Permit Applications 8. What code is the department currently under? What information do I need for a residential building permit? When are permits required? When are permits not required? Painting, papering, carpeting, cabinets, counter tops and similar finish work. Installing replacement windows or doors. If your project is not listed please call the codes department and we will gladly help!

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Also note that not all plot plans will show a physical house. When should I call ?

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If you are not sure if an emergency exists, it is best to be on the safe side and call. When should I NOT call ?

Don't call for minor incidents such as parking or traffic problems or barking dogs. The emergency should also not be used to ask for information on weather, time, school closings, or legal advice. Please only call in the instance of an immediate emergency. Our dispatchers ask questions based on protocols that help determine what type of assistance you may need and determine which first responders need to be sent to assist you.

These questions are deed to protect both the citizens and the responders.

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They enter pertinent information for reference and record. By answering questions concerning medical conditions or suspect information, you provide them with the information needed to get adult dating minor hill tennessee you the most appropriate response for your need. What about cell phones? Cell phones are valuable tools but have their limitations. They must be within range of a tower to operate, and your call may not be routed to the appropriate agency. Since all cell phones do not provide the center with a location and location is the single most critical piece of informationit is important for you to know where you are.

If you are using a non-activated cell phone meaning a hand-me-down that has no monthly servicethe dispatcher cannot call you back if your connection is lost. What about VoIP voice over internet protocol Many people are turning to the Internet for affordable phone service.

However, at the present time VOIP solutions do not offer enhanced capabilities. In fact, some services may not even offer access.

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Check with your provider before you buy! What is Nixle? In crisis situations, timely information saves lives, and there is no more effective channel to quickly reach large populations than mobile text messaging. This is a FREE service. Go to www.

Please schedule your station tour or fire engine visit at least two weeks in advance. Monday - Saturday, 9 a. Station tours are done at headquarters located at Campbell Station Pkwy. Fire engine visits can occur at your place of business, schools or churches.

How many people are permitted on a station tour? Group size is limited to 25 people, plus one adult for every five children.

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Will the Spring Hill Fire Department attend my child's birthday party? No, we do not attend birthday parties. Can my child have a birthday party at one of your fire stations? No, we do not allow public birthday parties at the fire stations.

However, your birthday party group may schedule a station tour as part of your birthday party activities, if you'd adult dating minor hill tennessee. Can my group hold a meeting at the fire station? No, we do not allow public meetings to take place at our fire stations. We also do not allow groups to conduct meetings at stations before or after station tours. If you will be taking a tour but also need to meet with your group, please make arrangements to hold your meeting at another location. What happens if an emergency occurs during my event?