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February 12, is the th anniversary of the birth of Charles Darwin in a large family of which he is the most famous child, which had many other good points and some that were not so good. The former was a well-known doctor who was also interested in theoretical science and carried out experiments.

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In fact, his experiments on the origin of life were one of the foundations mentioned and included by Mary Shelley in her novel on the attempt by doctor Frankenstein to generate life from dead human bodies. Their friendship surely paved the way for marriage between the families. From the fifth to the eighth generation, we find a myriad of grandchildren, nephews, great-nephews, great grandchildren and so on who stood out in several aspects, ranging from military figures and politicians to poets, novelists, film makers, doctors and so on.

On the merits of his great works, this musician was given the honor of being buried in Westminster Abbey, in the company of his illustrious grand-uncle Charles Darwin.

The not so good points: eugenics that did not work.

Evidently, the women of the family must have had an important role in this success, contributing with their genes, their good economic standing aunties for dating in darwin their skill in the education of their numerous offspring. This is especially true of the great influence and inspiration exerted over Darwin and his work by his wife, Emma Darwinand on his lack of religious conviction on the premature death at the age of ten, ina few years before the publication of The Origin of Species, of their daughter Anne Darwin.

In the latest generations, the effect of social progress and the democratization of access to specialized learning that overcame the strict patriarchal standards of times can be seen in the numerous descendants of the Darwin family who have stood out and continue to do so in various fields of the sciences and arts.

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However, several of his children supported these ideas and even presided at certain times over the Eugenic Societies that were established to spread them and defend their implementation. In addition, although the general impression left was that of a thriving family, some branches underwent health problems. This occurred specifically to Charles Darwin and his descendants. He himself was chronically ill and some of his 10 children did not reach adulthood or had a variety of illnesses.

Darwin believed that these problems could be related to the kinship of his marriagean idea that has been proposed on several occasions since then. However, other diseases, such as Chagas or Lyme, which are transmitted by insect bites, caught as a result of his travels through South America, have also been mentioned in this regard. Several recent studies 1 have demonstrated that, although consanguinity was not very high in the Darwin family, it may have had consequences on the mortality, aunties for dating in darwin and especially the fertility of his children and descendants.

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This mitochondrial mutation in Darwin would not have been inherited by his children because it is not transmitted by male family aunties for dating in darwin and his wife Emma would not have been a carrier of the mutation, since her mother was not a Wedgwood 2. As regards the thriving business of the Wedgwood family at the time, a series of ups and downs and closures finally caused it to fall into the hands of multinational companies, although a museum remains and the various items are listed at high prices among collectors. Berra, T. BioSciences, ; Alvarez, G. Darwin was right: inbreeding depression on male fertility in the Darwin family.

Biological Journal of the Linnean Society. Hayman J. The illnesses of Charles Darwin and his children: a lesson in consanguinity.

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The good points: generations of scientists with titles of nobility February 12, is the th anniversary of the birth of Charles Darwin in a large family of which he is the most famous child, which had many other good points and some that were not so good. Erasmus Darwin c.

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The not so good points: eugenics that did not work. Annie Darwin, daughter of Charles and Emma Darwin. Do you want to stay up to date with our new publications? Receive the OpenMind newsletter with all the latest contents published on our website Find out more here. Leading Figures.

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