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Picking up people at a bar is a time-honored tradition. But why? The bartender knows.

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I had only had one brief interaction with the barman in question and I was blindsided as to how he could have come to this bartenders dating customers conclusion while shaking drinks several feet away but my date, himself a bartender, insisted this was a definite thing. After years of watching dates unfold around them, bar workers have become experts in dating body language and can gauge not only how a date is going, but whether the couple will go the distance, within minutes. After I picked my jaw up off the floor and ended my date, I decided to look into these bartender voodoo powers, which led me to Steve, a veteran in the hospitality and small bar scene in Perth, Australia. Steve can read Tinder dates like a bookand says there are easy ways to tell how a rendezvous is going to play out. In the bartenders dating customers of Tinder, Steve compares first dates to a business meeting. More often than not, the potential couple walks in separately, anxious about seeing their 2D digital love-interest in the flesh.

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Bartending means knowing the basics of small talk just as much as it means knowing how to mix a great drink.

6 dating tips from bartenders, based on the best and worst dates they’ve witnessed

Some people are just naturally great at creating conversation — and others need to have some icebreakers in their back pocket. Here are some great icebreakers to spark up a conversation with your customers:. Keep it light!

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Sometimes controversial topics can arise naturally. If they do, it might be best to pivot the conversation to another topic, or just disengage for a while. Having return customers is crucial for sustained success in the bar industry. Remembering worthwhile information that you learned about them during visits is a great way to strengthen a bond.

Ask dr. nerdlove: how do i ask my bartender for a date?

People love to learn new information, and you could be the one to transmit a great little nugget of knowledge that your customer can use to impress their friends. Whether you talk about the game from the night before or an upcoming holiday, timely topics make for effortless and interesting conversation.

Subjective debates on topics like the hot movie in theaters or local musical artists are always good icebreakers for worthwhile conversations. There are extroverts, and then there are introverts. Remember most groups bartenders dating customers to bars to have fun with their friends, not to make friends with the staff.

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Taking a second to say welcome, or even a quick smile, prevents the guest bartenders dating customers feeling neglected and prepares them to be patient. For some, you may take on the role of the therapist; for others, your company alone is enough. Eating and drinking, a match made in heaven. Offering snacks and food at the bar is a great way to prevent guests from leaving to go get a meal somewhere else. The longer a customer stays at the bar, the more they spend.

You can safely assume your guests want to sit back, relax, and enjoy a great drink. Know the difference between these two extremes and deliver accordingly. Ensure yours is top notch by keeping these bartending basics top of mind during your shift. Never be afraid to use you expertise to make a recommendation.

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If a customer is indecisive between a couple of options on the menu, you can tell them which you prefer. Just make sure the recommendation is a two-way dialogue to get a picture of what they like, so you can effectively make a suggestion. Who knows, you might even introduce someone to their new favorite cocktail. Also bartenders dating customers sure to handle any complaints or disagreements graciously.

One of your most important responsibilities as a bartender is to ensure that the environment is safe and enjoyable for everyone. If a customer is overserved it can ruin the experience for other guests and could potentially lead to a customer putting themselves or others in danger. While it can be an awkward interaction to cut someone off, there are ways to approach it professionally, which help you protect yourself and your place of work.

Pickup secrets from bartenders

For more on this subject make sure to check out our best tips and techniques for responsible serving. Tending a bar can be a very different experience from country to country. If you deal with a customer from another country or choose to work abroadit can be helpful to know some of these trends so you can respond accordingly. Certain countries have different cocktails, or entirely different names for common local cocktails. For example, a Bloody Caesar is a very common cocktail in Canada but seldom found elsewhere in the world. Similar to the Blood Mary, a Caesar contains both tomato and clam juice, a bartenders dating customers not commonly available in U.

Not just that, but Scottish whisky is distilled in differently, with malted barley, while American bourbon is distilled from corn, and Canadian rye whiskey is distilled from multiple grains including rye.

How to hit on your bartender without seeming too thirsty

In North America, Japanese rice wine is commonly referred to as Sake. But in Japan it is known as Nihonshu, while the term Sake actually refers to any alcoholic beverage. People from the U. Be aware of stereotypes and prejudices about international drinking cultures. For example, pop culture has introduced a stereotype that Australians commonly drink Fosters, an Australian beer brand famous for its oversized bartenders dating customers.

Another difference in bartending culture around the globe, is the amount of attention given to the customer.

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In the U. Therefore it might be a little off putting for a guest from the U. Expanding your knowledge to include global bartenders dating customers can help foreign customers feel at home and will earn you extra admiration for knowing about their local customs. Download Guide. The best restaurant websites all have one thing in common: they make it incredibly easy Generic selectors.

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Search in posts. Search in s. Do master the art of small talk — with icebreakers.

9 reasons why you should date a bartender

Here are some great icebreakers to spark up a conversation with your customers: What are your exciting plans for the night? Are you from the neighborhood? Is this your first time here? Introduce yourself, ask them their name. Where are you coming from? Do Develop a relationship with regulars. Do keep up with current events. Do know the lingo. Dry — when a drink is served mixed with vermouth.

Usually associated with gin or vodka martinis Mixer — non-alcoholic substances added to drinks. Neat — served not chilled prior or over ice. Straight from the bottle to the glass.

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On the rocks — served with ice. Virgin — served with all mixer, no alcohol included. Do be kind and compassionate. Do suggest snacks and food.

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Do know the difference between attentive and smothering. Do make bartenders dating customers. Common indicators of someone who has over-indulged include: Slurred speech General loss of balance Bloodshot or glazed over eyes Placing large orders more than they need in succession Inappropriate behavior Falling asleep While it can be an awkward interaction to cut someone off, there are ways to approach it professionally, which help you protect yourself and your place of work.

Here are some of the best non-confrontational techniques for cutting off a customer: Settle the tab first. Be firm with refusing to pour another beverage. When you cut them off, that has to be it. Stick to your word. Make sure they are not driving. If they are with a group, check that someone is the deated driver, or they are all taking a cab together.

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Stay safe. Safety is priority — the safety of your other guests, the staff, and the individual. Ask them to leave the premises. Once they are cut off, there should be no sticking around or hanging out with friends that are ordering more alcohol and possibly sharing it with them. Help them safely on their way.

This may mean calling a taxi or ordering an Uber and ensuring they are in the car bartenders dating customers headed home, or making sure that friends or family with the patron are in control and taking care of them. Do develop a knowledge of international trends. Now that you know how to be a good bartender… Find out how NOT to lose your liquor.

She covered the latest food, dining, and technology trends for the restaurant industry.