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These magistrates as well as the owners of these small subordinate territories belonged to the hereditary nobility and were rather independent, especially in church affairs, often combining legal jurisdiction and church patronage. Exiled preachers or adherents of non-tolerated churches could easily find shelter here.

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We thank you for your interest in the FH Aachen and our degree programmes, and we wish you much success for your plans ahead. This should help you with your preparations for your stay in Germany as well as after your arrival.

Depending on the development of the global outbreak of COVID, measures such as postponing the beginning of the winter semester or putting incoming students on home quarantine, etc. If you are a registered student at one of these universities, you can complete a part of your studies as an exchange student at the FH Aachen. In such a case, you should first contact the International Office of your home university and get registered for the exchange programme.

The coordinators at your university will then. Your contact person for Aachen is Ms. Britta Ritzal. If you are currently studying at a partner university of the FH Aachen and would like to spend a part of your course of dating julich germany free at the FH Aachen, please contact the International Office at your university to ask for the application process.

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After you have been selected for an exchange period abroad by the International Office at your home university, you have to be nominated officially by your home university via. The Nomination has to be send to Ms. Sabrina Beeker Aachen or Ms. As soon as we have received the official nomination, we will send you the link to our online application system. At least 75 EUR a month have to be added for utilities heating, power, etc. Rooms in student halls of residence are mostly furnished.

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If necessary, please ask the Studierendenwerk if you are not certain about the furniture. Flats which are brokered by Home Company are almost always furnished as well. Private flats are normally not furnished. This means, that these flats are virtually empty, even without kitchen furniture and lamps. In a flat share, several students share a flat. There are men only, women only and mixed flat shares. Please look at dating julich germany free and notices in local newspapers and at the notice boards at the university. The Department of International Affairs offers intensive German language courses about two weeks before the semester begins in both September and March.

Have a look at their website: www. INCAS, another student organisation which is dedicated to supporting international students, organises numerous excursions and events all year round. You can find more information here: www. Experiment e. Come to the Humboldt-Haus, as we have a varied evening in store for you, starting at 8 pm! All sorts of delightful games guarantee lots of fun with people from around the world creating a multicultural atmosphere! Get to know people from all over the world, amidst music and snacks!

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Salsa in Aachen: www. Dating julich germany free in Aachen: www. The cost of living in Aachen amounts to ca. Monthly costs comprise the following:. Before the semester starts, a mandatory social contribution Sozialbeitrag has to be paid. This contribution is not a tuition fee, but is used towards benefitting the Studierendenwerk Aachen housing and social affairs as well as the AStA Student's Union Executive Committeeand includes the Semester Ticket public transport which is valid for a period of one semester and allows the use of public transport in North Rhine-Westfalia NRW.

In order to cover your monthly living expenses, the amount mentioned above should be available under all circumstances. Financing your studies by way of a job is generally not possible for foreign students who do not come from one of the 15 "old" member states of the EU, the European Economic Area EEA and Switzerland.

The information is available online in German.

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Should you need any help, please contact the Registrar's Office or the Department of International Affairs personally. Funding and Scholarships. When you apply for a visa at a German diplomatic mission Embassy, Consulateyou need to prove that your finances allow you to live in Germany. With certain financial institutions e. In this case, you do not need to transfer your money at a later time to Germany therefore saving on bank charges.

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Here you will be informed whether you need a visa and how you should go about applying for it. With a tourist visa you cannot study in Germany. You cannot convert a tourist visa into a student visa. After your arrival in Germany you have to convert your visa into a residence permit Aufenthaltserlaubnis.

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Students from EU member countries: Please ask your health insurance provider, if your travel to Germany and your stay here is going to be insured from day one. If it isn't, please read the next section. Students from non-EU countries: Before commencing your travel, please get health insurance for your journey as well as for the first few weeks in Germany.

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After your arrival, you can take out a German health insurance. Most German diplomatic missions demand proof of health insurance when you apply for your visa. Information in various languages on the topic can also be found on the website 1a-krankenversicherung.

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If you bring along precious and expensive items from home e. Normally, your student visa, which allows you to come to Germany, is valid for a period of three months. Approximately four weeks before your entry visa expires, you should apply for your student residence permit at the Foreigners' Office of your place of residence. If you apply for an appointment after your residence permit has already expired you may face severe legal disadvantages.

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Generally the following documents are required for an application for a student dating julich germany free permit:. Due to EU regulations, your student residence permit will be issued as an electronic residence permit in credit card format. As it may take several weeks until your electronic residence permit has been issued, you will receive a message from your Foreigners' Office in charge as soon as you may pick up your chip card.

Your student residence permit is always limited mostly years so that you will have to apply for multiple extensions during your course of studies. All persons have to register at the local Residents' Registration Office Einwohnermeldeamt within one week after arriving in Germany.

Please contact the municipality of your place of residence. You can get it at the Registrar's Office Studierendensekretariat.

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If you need a personalised registration certificate, which contains further or different information, please get in touch with the Department of International Affairs. In Germany all students are obliged to have health insurance. Your health insurance provider at home can inform you, whether you will still be insured during your stay in Germany. Especially in European countries it is likely to be the case. Students from EU member states can prove with their blue European health insurance card that they are insured in their native country and that the insurance is valid in Germany.

If your personal health insurance is not valid in Dating julich germany free, you should get a travel health insurance which is valid for the first one or two weeks in Germany. This will give you enough time to get yourself enrolled and insured for the rest of your stay. You can either avail a public health insurance or a private health insurance. The insurance is however in force only from the first day of your enrollment here. You can find more information about health insurances on the websites of the German Academic Exchange Service and Deutsches Studentenwerk.

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With public health insurances you will pay the same charges everywhere. Even the spectrum of services offered by the insurance providers vary only slightly from one another.

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With private health insurances you can choose between different tariffs. Even the spectrum of services offered will be different. The information here is a service from the Department of International Affairs and should be seen as providing only initial guidance.

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It does not lay any claim to any kind of completeness. Even though it has been compiled with utmost care and consideration, no liability will be assumed for the accuracy of the content matter. Approximately four weeks before the expiry of your residence permit, you should apply for an extension at the Foreigners' Office.

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If you apply for an appointment after your residence permit has already expired youmay face severe legal disadvantages.