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Cannon rises from the table and rinses his mug in the sink. But after that stunt on Twitter yesterday morning, you unleashed another media cycle tearing into your character, and stock prices are taking a hit. Give up my interest in Karas Holdings?

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In Kentucky. I lean to the side to try to get a better look. Cringing as soon as the thought sweeps across my brain, I rise and head for the door to meet my new babysitter. Way to dehumanize the situation, Troy.

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Home » Chelsea M. Dirty girl the hot mess. They were grey, the coffee iced, thankfully was brown and there was no getting around it. I rushed to the Starbucks bathroom and had to wait for someone else before I hurried in and tried to blot the worst of it away.

I had my performance review and I could not be late for it. Sandra was one of those polished and prickly women that completely intimidated me. Her brown skin was always glowing, and she never had a wrinkle in her perfect skirts. She carried a deer bag.

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She went to brunch. She got her eyebrows microbladed.

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Her life was glossy and clean and beautiful. I was a hot fucking mess. Probably just anxiety.

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I hoped. That was not a good pause. The company is going to be outsourcing a lot of that kind of work elsewhere. Let go. It was all the same. I was losing my fucking job. I sat there covered in sticky coffee and tried not to cry.

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I looked around my tiny office and realized that I needed to get the fuck out of there. At least before I stabbed anyone, or had a massive fucking meltdown in front of my now-former coworkers. I grabbed my shit and texted my best friend, Dirty girl online free, to meet me at our favorite little hole-in-the-wall restaurant for a drink. I needed one ASAP. And something with a lot of fried cheese on top of it. And chocolate.

Someone needed to get me some fucking chocolate. I just left and headed to the closest T station. I was still completely numb about what happened. Maybe I had imagined it? But then I looked down at my coffee-crusted pants and realized, nope, I lost my damn job. My parents were going to have so much fun with this one. I could picture them shaking their he and making tutting noises when I told them. To become a lawyer. Or a physical therapist. I got off at my stop and headed to the restaurant.

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Lizzie was already there, because she was chronically early. She worked in IT and looked like she just popped out of a vintage boutique. Today she was rocking bright red lipstick and a flirty dress with steampunk clocks printed on it. Her curves were much more generous than mine. Lizzie snapped her fingers.

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I looked over at her and I could feel the tears pricking the corners of my eyes. I could tell she was seconds away from pulling out her phone and making me a plan of action on a spreheet. She thrived on organization.

My life seemed to always be in chaos. I just Waking up with a hangover tomorrow would just be the cherry on top of this shit sundae. This is gonna take some time.

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Whatever you need. If you need help, or figuring out your next step.

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Strange combination, but she pulled it off, looking fabulous all the while. It was getting late and I was completely exhausted. All I wanted to do was go home, feed my bunny, take a bath, and curl up in bed with a historical romance. I knew better than to fight with Lizzie. She could totally kick my ass with one hand tied behind her back. Lizzie gave me a contented smile as she handed over her card. The bartender obviously looked her up and down and she raised one perfectly-sculpted eyebrow.

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He grinned back and went to swipe her card. If you like that waxed-mustache, hipster kind of vibe. I was used to her getting attention when we went out. Her body always attracted attention, as did her freckles, her wardrobe, and her hair. Plus, she had an infectious personality that could make anyone smile.

I was lucky to have her as a friend. I think I need a break. Maybe we can both find girlfriends or partners of other genders? Which has happened before. She just blew the room a kiss. She sure knew how to make an exit. I stumbled behind her, still reeking dirty girl online free old coffee.

Story of my life. I gave him another carrot and he happily chomped away at it as I put him back in his enclosure for the day. When I came home from work, I let him go wild in the living room, but during the day he stayed in a corner that I had caged off.

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He was a good companion, but he never really gave me good advice. None at the shelter seemed to be right and then I turned and locked eyes with Bonbon and saw his black wiggly nose and gigantic ears and that was it. Love at first hop. Sighing, I headed to my bathroom to light a few candles and pour some salts into my bathtub. I was lucky to have found a place where I could live alone, but who knew if I was going to dirty girl online free able to afford this place now? With a groan, I shed my clothes and got into the tub as it filled.

I tried singing, imagining calming beaches, and then deep breathing, but none of that shit worked. Irritated, I got out of the tub and dried off, flopping into bed without bothering to get dressed.