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If you want to floor the girl you have always liked on your very first date with her, there are some things that you need to remember. After all, a first date is also a lot about striking the first impression. The first date is possibly the only place where you can do everything you have in you to impress her.

You may have had sufficient time over chats and calls to get her to show some interest. But a first date can be the deal breaker or maker.

So if the girl has told you a yes to meet on a date, then do not let anything go wrong that day. We will give you a list of tips that will help you charm her and make her stay for a really long time. Here are the first date tips for men that are fool proof.

Never show the girl that you are indecisive or confused. If you have to decide about a meeting place, then you should always be ready with an answer. So plan it already.

Plan the venue, date and time. You need to be a good conversationalist and should be able to talk on your first date.

1. talk about something meaningful

This shows your confidence and is also attractive for women to find a man who actually talks. Show interest and make her feel comfortable by talking.

Never, ever be late on a date. If you have no plans to pick her up at least be kind and reach the venue on time.

In fact arrive a little early and she will be instantly impressed. Since it is your first date, make sure that you plan something really nice. Also ensure that you tell her your plans so that even she has the time to prepare and dress up accordingly.

Sweep her off her feet!

Yes, women love dressing up for dates, so let her know of your plans. You do not have to be in a serious and official relationship to show her your caring and protective side.

You can do this on the first date itself. Show her that you care and you can be reliable.

She should be able to call you for any help she may ever need. Go out of your way and look good on your first date.

Remember the first impression is also the last. Your nails, breath everything should be perfect.