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Flirting is an art, Wonderful lady picking men especially for flirting is an art

When it comes to flirting for romantic purposes, research shows that if you can do it and do it well, it can trump physical appearance.

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Don't let shyness prevent you from meeting your Valentine! In today's world of apps and texting, the delightful, seductive art of flirtation has been lost—so much the better for those who know its secrets. And who better to teach us than Rich Gosse? Gosse will share three techniques for meeting anyone at any time and at any place.

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Here are some science-backed ways to help you find out. Sometimes it could be really obvious when someone is flirting with you and whether or not it worked.

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Other times… not. But now there is research that looks into flirty facial expressions.

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Researchers from the University of Kansas took photos of women with neutral, happy, and flirtatious faces and had several men interpret them. The researchers found there are four key factors to a flirty smile: a head turned to one side and tilted down slightly, a slight smile, and eyes turned forward toward the implied target.

Another flirty subtlewomen may show is using hand gestures a lot while talking and playing with clothing. A little sunshine can also increase your odds.

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A study in France found when men asked women for their phone s, women were more likely to give their phone s on a sunny day. Jude Dream Home.

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Best Life Best Life: Mastering the art of flirting. Copyright WMC. All rights reserved.

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