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The official database of Public Safety Canada, the federal body charged with protecting people from natural disasters, shows serious flooding now occurring across much of the country most years.

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Suburban mayors are going crazy over suggested solutions to the West Island problem. Many moons ago, the Quebec Transport Department figured out that expropriating land from homeowners to build highways was a very expensive and time-consuming process.

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Enter the Expecting to eventually link this East-West Laval highway to Highway 40 in Kirkland, the government planned quebec route for it and reserved the land so nobody would build anything there. At the time, of course, the entire area was undeveloped forest and farmland. It would, Pierrefonds mayor Monique Worth says, alleviate traffic on the main north-south axes: St. Charles Blvd.

OK, I get St. But Sources? By what stretch of the imagination is some route that takes Sources now going to benefit by this new road 10 km west? It will help alleviate traffic on St. Charles which he between the northern West Island and western off-island areas.

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As for Highwaythe link would have some advantages, the biggest one being a fixed link between Ile Bizard and Laval. Currently, though there are three ferries, there is no fixed link from Highway 40 to the north shore between Highway 13 and Hawkesbury, Ontario. That makes some ificant detours.

When the ro along that route start overflowing with traffic, then we can talk about building a highway.

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Until then, keep the right-of-way reserved for now. Maybe have a dirt path for people to bike through.

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Having lived in Kirkland for the past 5 years and now happily living in NDG, I have a few thoughts about this idea. Pierrefonds is trying to quebec a new record for irresponsible suburban sprawl. There have been a lot of single family homes built in the last few years west of Chateau Pierrefonds. Right now, these new residents are forced to travel along Pierrefonds Blvd, or Antoine-Faucon to get to St Charles or St Jean or even Sources to eventually get to the The short term plan of Pierrefonds is to connect free sex in l`ile bizard 40 with Gouin to have a 4th North-South route for the residents of these new houses.

Look at the stub of a road at the south end of Chateau-Pierrefonds to see the result: There is a house in the way! This new road or urban boulevard — AKA traffic sewer will allow the paving over of the remaining green space in the west island west of chateau-Pierrefonds.

It is a terrible idea and should be stopped. I dunno, maybe if Mirabel had been a success, but Mirabel was doomed without a high speed train to downtown that never got built because land was owned by…. The powers that be are totally stoned on freeways and bypasses and billion dollar projects these days…We used to actually believe we were a world class city here, but with our green space record in the Sustainable Era we are getting to be more on a par with Buffalo all the time, and they are digging up the golf course at the airport as well.

That street was originally supposed to be a highway that went straight to the Lakeshore General hospital! Pretty important road, huh? The same happened to other streets in that area streets that were supposed to go through to de Salaberry, do not… because locals complained that it would cause too much traffic.

Seriously, my parents were the first to move into the Westminster area and chose the location to build their house because they studied free sex in l`ile bizard street plan… these petitioners should have known better before they moved to the area.

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Imagine how much easier an ambulance could get to the hospital with a direct route… and less traffic due to another major street. Charles, Sources, etc. Highway construction needs to be a thing of the past. We need to look at as something old fashioned and highways themselves should quebec looked at as relics from the 20th century much like we look at old factories and the Lachine Canal now.

Interesting point, Chris. And that s the whole story in a nutshell. Pingback: Fagstein » A city planner is getting rich somewhere. Extending Jacques Bizard makes sense. The highway extension would destroy many of the positive aspects of Ile Bizard, which include the remaining green spaces and also diversity of wilflife including deer and owls.

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What we need to alleviate traffic congestion is a Metro extension quebec Cote Vertu to Fairview!! An additional stop near the Kirkland Coliseum area would also be good for facilitating the commute into the city for off-island residents. That ought free up some highways. But I agree that many people living on streets as on Rue Thibodeau may hear cars and trucks all the time rolling at over kmph.

It will make students losing 1 or 2 years of school, people poor because not working, of course!! And the Jacques-Bizard bridge? People who think this way piss the shit outa me, as if it is even possible to defecate urine. The ferry is run by cables, and water, which quebec a renewable source of energy. The drive to ski resorts is part of the anticipation of getting there and enjoying yourself. Do you know how much traffic is on Antoine Faucon during the morning rush hour?

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Its a freaking residential street! Its the only one out of the area though so all the traffic has to go on it.

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We should learn from our mistakes rather than repeat them-its a no-brainer. In the spring, summer and fall the boat launch and small beach on the west side sees hundreds of visitors to enjoy the somewhat clean waters of Lake of 2 Mountains. Cyclists and Kayaking are enjoyed by outdoors lovers. Why destroy a natural gold mine so close to the city?

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This green space is there for us now and should be for future generations to enjoy. I agree, the Ill Blizzard portion is a bad idea. My point was to build the section that would be built on the West Island. Not a quebec for cars, just for bikes and people. Right now, if you are on the 20 once you past St. Gouin, boul. It also provides quick access to the Beaurepaire train station on the Dorion line. Another major urban boulevard like St. Charles or St. Jean will do wonders!

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Henri Daoust is the only road that goes south from Antoine Faucon and stupid Kirkland is taking this vital shortcut away. Please whomever is reading this from Pierrefonds, please build the new road! Just put a simple gravel road for the time being to alleviate the traffic on Antoine Faucon.

My idea is to increase the possible connections from point A to point B so that no one road gets over loaded.

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A lot of things planned in the 60s are not yet done!! Hardly a surprise. Just a way to buy votes.

That they had experiences they types of announcements one after another and every time, the project was cancelled. She said that it was a Quebec government announcement and not a Liberal one implying that it was set in stone. Whatever, I do not believe anything any level government says until I see the construction actually begin.

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