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Getting married or attached is a good thing! But, sometimes, all you might want is just a friend with benefits — or a one-night-stand, even. Not everyone is into long-term commitments!

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Last Updated on March 19, by Gaia Zol. Of course, like any marriage, it has had its ups and downs.

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To understand how Italians viewed this topic in the past, one detail is important. Italy has always been a Catholic country. The Pope is literally and our neighbor and, to many, the spiritual guide.

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While his role might have changed recently, in the Italy of the 19th century, the Roman church had great influence. Its teachings were straightforward and clear. First, no sex before marriage.

Sex, this taboo

Second, sex was a mean to the divine end: procreation. Third, a marriage in the eyes of God is eternal. Fourth, homosexuality was a sin. So were prostitution and adultery. No permission, no marriage.

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No marriage, no sex. On the contrary. It was almost a job. And its purpose was to procreate. After the marriage, no talk of separation or divorce. Despite adultery being a sin, people cheated. Aka seduced and abandoned. Pietro Germi is the director of this movie, set in Sicily. To the director, it was impossible to understand Italy without looking at the island.

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The father wants them to marry but the Peppino refuses. Instead, he threatens Agnese. The scene below is the scene of the fake kidnapping. Peppino fakes the kidnapping of Agnese and then he agrees to the wedding. This movie is an example of Italy in the past. Then, the revelation.

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This part of the story is linked with the history of women emancipation in Italy. In fact, the Fascist regime in the s and s had pushed towards a policy of procreation. The more Italians, the more patriot soldier.

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But that changed when the sexual revolution of the s finally reached the country. One of their decisions included the exercise of the virtue of chastity in a marriage. Now, married couples were allowed to not have sex for a certain period of time. It changed both families and the relationship between sex and Italians.

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While the Vatican spoke on the value of the sanctity of marriage, society voted for divorce and abortion. In fact, divorce passed by referendum in Five years later, the government passed the family law reform and, inabortion became legal. Women asked to be free. Free to handle their bodies and to choose their faith.

Prostitution in italy

And their husbands, too. Unless they wanted a wife. Slowly but surely, sex stopped being a taboo. Instead, sex turned into a show.

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And at the cinema movies in the s to s the sexy comediesreflected this trend. Thanks to the sexual revolution, women had aspirations.

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The most ambitious and pretty ones, ended up on TV. So, did the sexual revolution stick? The short answer is nay. In fact, while people get more and more undressed on TV, the conversation about sex is lacking. Especially when it comes to education. They teach about anatomy and contraception. With transgender people and homosexuals doing coming out and speaking up, Italian education is behind.

Centuries behind, unlike TV and the Internet. Just inthe Ministry of Education opposed to a sexual education course, without real reasons.

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And weirdly, since Pope Francis publicly supported the topic. And the Pope blessed this decision. But what do Italian institutions say?

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Sincesame-sex civil unions and unregistered cohabitation have been legally recognized. The change of gender has also been legal, since But, there is no national anti-discrimination laws.

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So, the institutions are behind. Because society is moving forward, as the example of the Liceo Ripetta in Rome shows.

Or the story of the band Maneskin, the Sanremo winners. Needless to say, Italians enjoy sex like any other nationality. And a Censis report has revealed what they like. Here a few facts:. Of course, sex and Italians have a long way to go.

History of migration

Bottoms up, friends. address:.

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