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This is the story of a true hero of World War II - the Canadian doctor Major Ben Wheeler, who gave himself to help his fellow prisoners of war in the infamous 'Kinkaseki' Japanese prisoner of war camp on the island of Taiwan formerly known as Formosa.

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Here is what Sgt. Thomas O'Toole of the British Army said about Ben Wheeler in a letter he wrote after the war, "Now that the world knows of the murders, atrocities and hardships suffered by the POWs in Japanese prison camps, I consider it my duty to bring to the attention of the people of Canada and England, the story of a man who was sent from God and placed among us in our prison camp as a medical officer.

A man who has won for himself the love and esteem and respect of hundreds of men with whom he was imprisoned. His name - Major B. Wheeler, IMS. He will remain inscribed on the hearts of these men for the rest of their lives. A liberated prisoner of war said of Major Wheeler when he proposed a toast, "To the finest man I have ever met and the greatest doctor.

It was the re-discovery of the former Kinkaseki prisoner of war camp inand this story of Dr. Wheeler and his courage, that started the movement meet for sex in ben wheeler early to remember the men of Kinkaseki and the other POW camps on Taiwan. In addition, more than former survivors of the Taiwan POW camps have been found and now know that they and their mates and what they suffered has not, and will not, ever be forgotten.

This story appeared in The Readers Digest in Canada in August ofand subsequently in other international versions later that same year. We hope you will enjoy this wonderful story. Wheeler said, "May we not forget it ever. To keep such a record was to invite savage punishment but to the young Canadian doctor it was a risk worth taking. The diary meet for sex in ben wheeler his sustenance, a lifeline to his beloved wife, Nell.

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In turn it helped him sustain the hundreds of fellow prisoners under his care, some of whom were to call him "a man sent from God". Entries from the now-yellowing s of the diary form the heart of this story of Dr. Ben Wheeler's life - a moving testament of one man's courage in the face of inhuman odds, of incredible feats of medicine and of a love so true that the very worst of war could not destroy it.

Jan 13, Time passes somehow, the days very quickly but the weeks like months and the months like years. It is hard not to become discouraged. My job is so hopeless without medicine. Cases of beriberi and other avitamine diseases are increasing. It has been bitterly cold with snow on the high hills.

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Many men are working in shorts, and the hut they are not allowed to lie down or wrap a blanket about them, and if they do they get bashed about, sick or not sick. Every day one, two, three or more faint from sheer weakness and exposure. The rice has been about one-half for the last ten days, sometimes only a small teacup full. We just cannot exist this way for long.

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God, when will the end of all this be in sight. What will it be like when the end comes? Still, we can only live from day to day and never lose hope or heart. In a bleak, drafty bamboo hut on the Japanese-held island of Formosa now TaiwanMajor Ben Wheeler huddled over the illicit diary that he kept hidden from his jailers. These were the darkest days of World War II.

Germany still dominated most of Europe. Japan had overrun East Asia. Here in Taihoku prisoner-of-war camp off the China coast, the diary was the young Canadian doctor's lifeline to sanity and hope. His wife, Nell, back home in Edgerton, Alta. Then, and meet for sex in ben wheeler long after, the outside world was locked away from him. Outwardly, his hope never wavered; deep down he knew he might never see his wife or home again. So, night after night, he talked on paper to Nell as though she were there.

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He poured out his love, his hurts, his yearnings and the day's happenings in small, lined note-books, scribbling in pencil or in pen with ink concocted from lugs, mud and leaves. Keeping a diary meet for sex in ben wheeler punishable by, at the very least, a savage beating, so Wheeler hid his among the medical records that his captors allowed. The diary and Nell were his sustenance.

In turn, they helped him sustain the hundreds of fellow prisoners under his care. Ben Wheeler was 32 that night ina soft-spoken man with steady gray eyes and slightly receding brown hair. He was five feet ten, normally pounds but now growing more emaciated by the day, like every other man in that brutal camp.

Innewly graduated from the University of Alberta but without a cent to set up a medical practice, Wheeler went to England with his pregnant wife to become an officer in the Indian Medical Service. In London he studied 18 hours a day to pass a short, intensive course in tropical medicine. By early he was on his way to India.

Nell - or Nettie, as he often called her - followed with their newborn son, Harry. She was a slim blue-eyed blonde, a cheery extrovert who charmed their fellow expatriates. For a while life was good in the foreign officer's community near the Indian military hospital at Karachi.

Two more sons, Kenneth and Alan were born. As was the custom for officers in those dying days of the Empire, the Wheelers had a meet for sex in ben wheeler staffed with servants. The idyll ended in Japan was making warlike moves in Indochina. On December 7, the Japanese declared war on the Allied powers with a devastating sneak-attack on the American naval base at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii.

Through the winter and spring, the enemy swarmed over the Philippines, Malaya, Hong Kong and the islands of Wake and Guam. Singapore was impregnable, the British thought, with its mighty, immovable guns pointing out to sea for the expected attack.

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But the Japanese swept in from behind, overland, crushing and humiliating the defenders in a matter of days. Wheeler had been posted there just two weeks before. February 13, The Japanese are closing in, in a semicircle around the main harbor, with fire and flashes of shellfire showing up all around, especially at night, and in the daylight an immense column of black smoke rises and mushrooms out from the burning naval base to finally hang over the whole island. Before they reached the water one friend was killed and the other shot through the arm.

Even so, he and Wheeler tried to launch a boat but the wind and tide were against them. Glumly they crept back to await the surrender. It was a terrifying time.

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The conquerors were marching from village to village, beheading senior Chinese in each place and mounting the he on poles as an object lesson to survivors. In Singapore, Japanese troops burst into a hospital and bayoneted some helpless patients and staff, claiming they had been fired upon from the building.

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February 16, Confusion and more confusion. The first Japanese appear, little, untidy, short-legged men, each officer with a sword as long as himself. Even yet it is hard to realize that they have well and truly beaten us, so efficiently and quickly. The swim to shore seemed manageable but beyond lay two thousand kilometres of jungle. He scrapped the idea, tried to think less about Nell and resolved to live one day at a time. April 20, Wonder what some of us will go through before all this is over? I for one feel that the most unpleasant things are yet to come.

Still, there is no use becoming morbid over it.

Wonder what Nell is doing. MORE and more his diary spoke of Nell. Then he began speaking directly to her in his jottings. Often he dreamed of her at night. In June the prisoners were permitted one brief postcard home. He wrote: "My own Nettie - am being treated as prisoner of war. In excellent health and not wounded. Send my best to the family. Kisses to each of our boys and to you, dearest, all love.

As ever, Ben" He hoped it would reach her by Christmas.