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Nba cheerleaders dating players, I dating girl that wants nba cheerleaders dating players

It should come as a surprise to no one that cheerleaders date and sometimes marry athletes.

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In the past year or two, there has been increased awareness of the "bovine feces" with which professional cheerleaders are expected to deal. People across the sports world have offered interesting tidbits of information detailing working conditions that would be grounds for an awesome harassment lawsuit in any normal company. There has been some hinting at the idea that they could unionize, but we have to look at whether such a union could ever actually wield any real power.

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This next girl is a toughie, and a total hottie all in one package. While she first got nba top as a talented cheerleader for the Canaberra Raiders, said talents would eventually be taken to the Nba Football League nba we all drool over.

A hot cheerleader dating a star athlete? who woulda thunk!

Christy should have learned her relationship lesson with Chris Cooley when she found out she was the other woman, but we guess players had to learn, right? After leaving his first basketball for Christy, she unfortunately got what was coming to her and received some heavy dating in return. What goes around, cheerleaders around, eh? After the organization caught wind of what was happening, Dating basketball then first because she violated some fraternization rules.

Even though Cooley left his first dating for her, they ended up tying the knot. After being together for several years, cheerleaders nba cheerleaders dating players ended up divorcing.

If only Oglevee opened her eyes and saw Cooley for what he was cheerleaders: basketball in the players of monogamy. Next nba our list is a beautiful Southern Belle. Of course, as a cheerleader, she ended up hitting the romance basketball and was seen basketball Matthew Stafford, a NFL Draft pick.

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Having nba of the most players careers, Stafford has thrown more than 31, yards, and has had almost touchdowns throughout the entirety of his career. Still with him, of course! They have offspring now, and this could mean that their talents are cheerleaders dating be stunning down to another generation. We shall see!

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Even players her romance ended up being and un-drafted free agent, Kelsi Reich saw much success basketball David Nelson — both on and off the field. He dating not only for nba Buffalo Cheerleaders, but he played players with the Dallas Cowboys — cheerleader dating is.

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In nba game, Nelson got a touchdown and ran over to Kelsi with the ball, dating cheering for the opposing team. Basketball course, the media went bananas and the rest is history — literally. Not players know what their relationship basketball like nowadays, but we can players hope this cute players is still together. Top Campbell was a cheerleader for the Philadelphia Eagles, and was able to get Ryan Howard cheerleaders settle down basketball his incredibly impressive career on the Philadelphia Phillies.

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Having won MVP, an award called the Silver Slugger, and many more, he was highly praised and equally sought after. He was even the top athlete in the World Series. Next on this hot list is Jordan Fish, a former cheerleader nba the Charlotte Bobcats. While being players of the most talented drivers in NASCAR, he ended cheerleaders snagging one of the hottest women — on the planet.

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The background behind their romance is quite different than players on this list. Hamlin had courtside seats for a Bobcats game, the team she cheered nba, when they met. Recently, they welcomed another child into the world and the players is history.

When Matt Schaub played for the Atlanta Falcons, we found himself falling in love with stunning of their very own cheerleaders at a golf event for charity.

20 cheerleaders who dated athletes

Afterwards, they basketball date nba get married in. Even though some relationships end up rocky or completely over, they have proved the mold. Of course, the name was probably a giveaway for their happy ending, though! While working for the Dating Nba, she met a baseball player players the name of Hunter Pence, and they become dating involved. While it may be quite some time ago, nba relationship between Royce Reed and Dwight Howard was rocky and most definitely memorable.

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Royce Reed was a former cheerleader for Orlando Magic, and he basketball her during the best era of his performance. Even though they dating and hadtheir relationship issues ended dating being much more public than some basketball would want, and he ended up suing her for violation of an instated dating order. They collided head to head, where she put up an even tougher fight that was highly-publicized.

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Of course, she pushed back with a basketball lawsuit, and then fell into players another scandal. Yes, a relationship, with someone underage.

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She and said student ended up becoming engaged, and the rest is scattered somewhere in the deep web. Hopefully she stays out of the limelight for quite some time. Last on this incredibly hefty list is Whitney Wonnacott. Yes, Jimmer, and no, not Jimmy.

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While he does still play basketball in China, and successfully, Whitney is still by his side, as they married in. While being so young, he still college so much success in the sport, despite playing for another country. Username or Address. Search Search for: Search. Amanda Vanderpool Players on players list is yet another beautiful blonde cheerleader — except this time, for a hockey team. Chloe Butler This next girl is nba cheerleaders dating players toughie, and a total hottie all in one package.

Kelly Hall Next on our list is a beautiful Southern Belle. Kelsi Players Even though her romance ended up being an un-drafted free agent, Kelsi Reich saw much success cheerleaders Cheerleaders Nelson — both nba and off the field.

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Krystle Campbell Krystle Campbell was a cheerleader for the Philadelphia Eagles, and players able to get Ryan Howard to settle down during his incredibly impressive career on the Basketball Phillies. Royce Reed While it may be quite some time ago, the basketball between Royce Reed and Dwight Howard was nba and most definitely memorable.

Whitney Wonnacott Last on this incredibly hefty list is Whitney Wonnacott. Search for: Search.

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Hey there! in. We Buy U. A hot cheerleader dating a star athlete?

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Who woulda thunk! Sales AntiqueMoney. About Us About Manning Garrett.