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As a journalist, I have confronted a Pakistani government official about nuclear proliferation. I've interrogated a leader of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia about drug trafficking. I've even stared down a member of the Taliban in Afghanistan when he told my escort that I was out of line for speaking too loudly in public.

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Fifteen life history interviews were undertaken with men in the community. While some men differentiated between their social connections with men and women, others experienced difficulties in mobilizing support from existing connections. Some men maintained a desire to be independent, rejecting the need for social support, whereas others established support networks from which they could actively seek support.

The importance of social connections and support networks for mental health and well-being is well-documented. While definitions of social support abound in the mental health literature e.

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Such studies, however, paint a markedly homogenous view of men, and lead to the assumption that all men are less able, and less interested, than women in building emotional and supportive relationships with others. For example, Bryant-Bedell and Waite in their qualitative study of middle-aged men with depression reported that men described feelings of loneliness, sadness, and distress and actively sought emotional support, wanting to share these feelings with loved ones.

Many of these men did not know how to talk about these feelings or felt embarrassed to do so. Similarly, Liang and George highlighted how wives seeking sex jenkins men with depression wanted to talk to family or friends about their personal difficulties but had few or no people in their social networks with whom they trusted to share their feelings.

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In particular, sex role theory has been used to theorize connections between the male gender role, self-reported social support, and mental ill health e. For example, Wester et al.

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Drawing on sex role theory Wester et al. Sex-role theory is criticized for presenting men and women as two distinct social groups who are passively socialized into a prescribed male or female role.

As such, sex-role theory is unable to for agency in social practice, and the power relations between, and among, men and women, that lead to multiple patterns of practice Carrigan et al. For example, Oliffe et al. Central to this theoretical gender relations framework lie two key arguments. First, gender is produced and reproduced through everyday social practices and is neither a set of characteristics or traits that men and women possess, nor is it a fixed set of norms or social roles that are internalized Connell, Second, a hierarchy of gender relations exists between men and wives seeking sex jenkins, and among men and among women.

In particular, multiple patterns of masculinities arise from the complex intertwining of agency and gender with social class, ethnicity, and sexuality Connell, Using a gender relations approach, Oliffe et al. For example, some men relied on the safety and privacy of their intimate relationships with female partners for talking about their emotional difficulties. In doing so, these men maintained a hegemonic pattern of masculinity in public while seeking emotional support from women in private.

For some men, this created conflict and tension within their romantic relationships.

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Coen et al. This pattern of practice was reinforced by negative experiences in disclosing personal issue with other men, who were unwilling or unreceptive to discussing them. While young distressed men in her study desperately wanted closer social connections and support from family members and friends, they feared being judged as emotionally vulnerable, weak, and unmasculine. This discouraged them from actively seeking support, leaving them at heightened risk of suicide. This theorized life history approach has become a key research method among masculinities scholars e.

Following university ethics approval, participants were recruited using advertisements placed in public libraries, sport centers, cafes, gyms, and community notice boards in a large urban city in the North Island of New Zealand. Potential participants who contacted the lead researcher by telephone, text, or were screened for eligibility. Only men between the ages of 20 and 40 years, who were born in New Zealand, met the inclusion criteria for this study.

While the experience of men who have migrated to New Zealand is also of interest to the researchers, this study wives seeking sex jenkins to understand the specific cultural and gender issues experienced by men who were born in and had lived the majority wives seeking sex jenkins their lives in New Zealand.

We were aware that many migrants to New Zealand may be recently arrived and have had very different cultural and gender experiences overseas, plus had specific issues in regards to adjusting to different patterns of gender relations. Six participants in this study had sought professional psychological help either from within primary care settings, or using workplace employee well-being services, for mild to moderate mental health issues including self-reported symptoms of depression, anxiety, problematic alcohol use, and a nonfatal suicide attempt. However, none of these men had received a mental illness diagnosis and all reported to be mentally well at the time of being interviewed.

Eligible men were invited to take part in a face-to-face life history interview conducted by the lead author.

Individual interviews lasted between 60 and min. The interviewer used a focused interview format that followed a topic guide. The use of a topic guide provides a definite agenda but complete flexibility for the interviewer in how the topics are approached. Probing questions and prompts were used to draw out further information from participants.

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Can you tell me about some of the best times in your life? Can you tell me about some of the toughest times in your life? During these tough times how would you cope? This study used a theoretical gender analysis as described by Connell The emphasis of this methodology is on locating gendered social practices within the four relational spheres of gender identified by feminist and pro-feminist masculinity scholars Connell, Wives seeking sex jenkins include: power relations, which refer to relations of power among men, and between men and women; production relations, which refer to the gender division of paid and unpaid labor; emotional relations, which examine the practices that shape emotional desire or attachment; and symbolic relations, which refer to the symbolic expression of gender through language, gesture, and dress.

Data analysis consisted of two stages.

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In the first stage, each interview was transcribed verbatim by the first author and reviewed for accuracy by the last author who have expertise in qualitative masculinities research. This was done by coding responses with a keyword or phrase that encapsulated particular patterns of practice related to relations of power, production, cathexis, and symbolism.

All personal identifiers were removed from transcribed interviews and each participant was given a pseudonym for the purpose of confidentiality. Researchers remained reflective, respectful, and cognizant of their disciplinary perspectives and how this shapes our theoretical positioning, as suggested by Caelli, Ray, and Mill Consensus was reached through a continuous iterative process of discussion and review.

Wives seeking sex jenkins patterns of practice, and interpretation of these patterns, were agreed on by the team and presented in the findings. Thus, while four discrete patterns of practice were identified, for some participants there was overlap between the patterns reflecting the fluid and changing nature of gendered social practices.

The dominant pattern of practice for men in this study was in actively compartmentalizing relationshipswhereby men differentiated between their social connections with men and with women. On the other hand, social relationships with women were more intimate and confiding. Men shared their personal lives, emotions, and personal difficulties with women.

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This pattern will be introduced through the case of Ben, who made a clear distinction between his social relations with men and women:. Ben arguably masculinized his social relationships with men by linking these friendships to activities that are recognizably socially masculine, such as sport and hunting. He himself noted that he would ridicule other men who attempted to talk about their personal difficulties. For Ben, talking about wives seeking sex jenkins difficulties was clearly more acceptable with women than men, and he expected women to provide sympathy and support.

Among men, emotional sharing was likely to be ridiculed and dismissed. For Ben, women, in particular his wives seeking sex jenkins, were a key source of emotional support, whereas his social relationships with men were a source of shared masculine activity. Ben clearly relied on women for emotional support, but then disparaged this type of support in order to maintain a hegemonic masculine status. Walker argues men and women often describe their social connections and friendships in stereotypical ways yet overlook the fact that what they actually do in terms of their friendships does not always match these cultural stereotypes.

Within his connections with other men, Ben also actively deflected conversations about emotions by using humor.

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For example, when his brother attempted to talk to Ben about his marriage problems, Ben was not interested:. Ben was clearly uncomfortable with these sorts of conversations with other men and viewed talking about personal problems as something that should not be done between men. His way of dealing with this tension wives seeking sex jenkins his discomfort as the conversation veered into a highly personal and potentially emotional topic was to divert the conservation, drawing on humor and on narratives which emphasized heterosexuality.

Ben not only distanced himself from the emotionality of women, but he was also not interested in providing any emotional support to other men.

Masculinity, social connectedness, and mental health: men’s diverse patterns of practice

Instead, Ben offered his brother instrumental support, offering financial help and assistance in looking after his children. Ben was clearly more comfortable talking about his personal life with women yet had few avenues for emotional support, and overly relied on his wife. He was also prone to ridicule women for engaging in this personal way.

Ritchie, another participant who exhibited this pattern, also differentiated his social relationship with men and women.

Gender and care: access to hiv testing, care and treatment

After his marriage ended, Ritchie did not stay silent; instead he attempted to mobilize support, messaging his friends on social media. Nonetheless, Ritchie still attempted to downplay the ificance of these connections:.

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Going through a separation and just talking through all of those things was probably what I needed most during that time. It was more the constructive side of it that I needed. Five men in this study described a pattern of relating where they tried to establish more open and supportive relationships with other men, but experienced difficulties in confiding. It is important to note that the gendered pattern of compartmentalizing relationships exemplified by Ben and Ritchie ly could act as a barrier to those men who do seek more wives seeking sex jenkins relationships with other men.

It felt like I invested, put myself out there on a limb and built up, had to really sort of build myself up to struggle to get the words out even to say the actual words. Zac felt it was not safe to go any further and did not push the conversation. Zac was left feeling a deep sense of shame and embarrassment for disclosing his unhappiness and going against the unstated hegemonic masculine practice of being self-sufficient.